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Background Information on HIV

Once a patient is infected with HIV, The virus penetrates into specific white blood cells known as CD4 cells (T-cells), which are responsible in boosting the immune system. The virus then destroys those CD4 cells and hides in white blood cells, making it difficult to detect and kill.

Based on research from 2012-2013, the type of CD4 cells that HIV destroys the most is Th17 which are an essential part of the immune system. HIV patients do not die from HIV. Because their immune system is weakened by HIV, they will be susceptible to other opportunistic diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and other viruses.



Increasing Th17 levels can help to control the spread of HIV

Currently HIV patients are treated with antiretroviral drugs that reduce the number of HIV virus.

The antiretroviral drugs have some limitations:
– They do not help the patient rapidly repair their immune system by restoring their CD4 cells.
– They cause various side effects in users such as rashes, hives nausea and fevers.

To effectively treat HIV patients, their CD4 cells need to be restored to a normal level, and the HIV virus needs to be completely destroyed.

The Conducted Study of LIV capsules

APCO scientists have developed LIV that stimulate Th17, Th1 and Th9 by 5, 2 and 2 times respectively. All the stimulated Th cells increase the activities of natural killer cells and cytotoxic T-cells that eliminate HIV.

Results of the LIV efficiency test carried out at the Biomedical Technology Research Centre, Chiang Mai University

Healthy volunteers were given 4 LIV capsules a day for 15 days. This resulted in:
• a doubling of their Th1 and Th9 activity.
• a five times increase in their Th17 activity.


Previous Research on Mangosteen Extract

GM-1 in the mangosteen extract used in the LIV capsule inhibits reverse transcriptase and protease enzymes which are essential in the virus replication process.

Research published at NCBI, Planta Med. 1996. Aug 62(4):381-2

Based from this research, the result demonstrated alpha-mangostin could inhibit TPA-induced abilities of the adhesion, invasion, and migration by cell-matrix adhesion assay and Boyden chamber assay. Data also showed alpha-mangostin could inhibit the activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1 and 2 (ERK1/2) involved in the downregulation the enzyme activities, protein, and messenger RNA levels of MMP-2 and MMP-9 induced by TPA. Next, alpha-mangostin also strongly inhibited TPA-induced degradation of inhibitor of kappaBalpha (IkappaBalpha) and the nuclear levels of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kappaB), c-Fos, and c-Jun. Also, a dose-dependent inhibition on the binding abilities of NF-kappaB and activator protein-1 (AP-1) by alpha-mangostin treatment was further observed. Further, the treatment of specific inhibitor for ERK (U0126) to MCF-7 cells could inhibit TPA-induced MMP-2 and MMP-9 expressions along with an inhibition on cell invasion and migration.

Result of the Test of LIV capsules on HIV infected patient.

A research study conducted by Prof. Dr. Watchara Kasinrerk (APCO Chair Professor) and Nopporn Pattanapornpun, MD. (Director of Mae-On hospital in Chiang Mai), showed that the CD4 cell count in HIV patients, who have been taking antiviral drugs, increased after taking 4 LIV capsules daily for 6-9 months.

APCO has since donated a life-time supply of LIV capsules to the 27 volunteers who took part in this research study.


Graphic illustration of % increase of absolute CD4 lymphocyte (cell in 3, 6 and 9 months



Results of the Test of LIV Capsules on HIV Infected Patients

APCO has given LIV capsules to HIV-infected volunteers in Chiang Mai who have been taking antiretroviral drugs for two years with the following results: – Their quality of life has improved significantly. – Those suffering from opportunistic infection such as viral infection, tuberculosis and pneumonia saw their symptoms remedied.

APCO has since donated a life-time supply of LIV capsules to the 25 volunteers who took part in this research study.

Results at Baan Gerda Children Right Foundation

At Baan Gerda Children’s Rights Foundation, APCO has given LIV capsules to HIV-infected children who were taking antiretroviral drugs and suffering from opportunistic diseases.

  • After taking 4 LIV capsules a day for 12 months, the opportunistic diseases symptoms were remedied and their CD4 count increased by an average of 67.34%.
  • A group of children who were already taking antiretroviral drugs but whose CD4 count had not increased for the previous 6 months had an average increase of 32.45% in their CD4 count after taking 9 LIV capsules a day for 3 months.

APCO has since donated a life-time supply of LIV capsules to all the 70 children at Baan Gerda infected with HIV.












Benefits of LIV Capsules

1. LIV capsule rapidly increases patients’ CD4 count.
2. LIV capsule stimulates Th1,Th9 and Th17 that can lead to the elimination of HIV virus.
3. LIV capsule remedies the opportunistic imfaction symptoms by boosting the patients’ immune systems.
4. LIV capsule reduces the side effects caused by antiretroviral drugs.
5. LIV capsule improves the quality of life of HIV patients, enabling them to live normal lives.