Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Limited


APCO was founded on June 2, 1988 under the name Natural Cosmetics Research Co. Ltd. with the goal to manufacture and distribute dietary supplements and cosmetics made from natural plant extracts. The company changed its name to Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co. Ltd. in 2005 which was later registered to the MAI Stock Exchange of Thailand under the symbol “APCO” on November 4, 2011.
The company has developed an evolving range of products formulated from natural plant extracts to alleviate problems caused by an imbalance in the immune system.

APCO received three Prestigious Awards from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) namely, Thailand’s Best Company Performance Award, Thailand’s Best CEO Award, and Thailand’s Most Improved corporate social responsibility (CSR).

LIV capsules is a part of Operation BIM products which are the results of more than 30 years of research conducted by our Research and Development Team at the Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co. Ltd. (APCO). The breakthrough came in 2008 when our team of scientists and researchers were able to successfully develop a 100% natural plant-based supplement that contained Centella asiatica juice powder, black sesame extract, isolated soy protein extract, guava fruit juice powder, and mangosteen aril extract.



It began in 1977 when a group of scientists from The Prince of Songkla University initiated a study to investigate the possibility of isolating the biologically-active substances from mangosteen peel. This was the first mangosteen research based on an international scientific standard, which involved cooperation from interdisciplinary group of researchers. This initial research project lasted 8 years. From it came the conclusion that the most effective substance from mangosteen was GM-1.

The research showed that GM-1 had a high efficiency in inhibiting the growth of bacteria and killing those that are resistant to antibiotic. It also has 3 times the anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin, and was proven to be anti-allergic, pain-relieving, and has anti-cancer cells properties. GM-1 was found to be five times safer for human consumption than citric acid.

Time and capital limitations alongside with several strict rules and regulations have reduced the possibility of developing GM-1 into an ingredient for modern medical drugs. Therefore, the research group could only use GM-1 as the main component of a natural mixture for cosmetic ingredients to address the problems of those with chronic skin problems and allergies. Further research, development and testing with Henkel AG & Company, KGaA of Germany resulted in production of such products as soap, cleansing gel, sunscreen, skin nourishing cream, bathing cream, acne cream, all highly effective with GM-1 as a main ingredient. The products are tanning-free which will not darken the skin.

The results presented by the Thai research group were publicized through the media and academic journals both in Thailand and overseas.

37 years of research and development undertaken by the APCO Operation BIM Team



This research has led to unique methods of extracting synergistic mixtures of refined and standardized active ingredients from five plants commonly used as food for many generations using the latest 21st century immunological techniques

Active ingredients of products are derived from proprietary refined extracts, and Products have the standardised quantities of all their natural active ingredients for best efficacy proven to balance immunity, scientifically and/or clinically proven to be highly effective.