A Functional Cure and Eradication Cure for HIV?


When we talk about a cure for HIV, we are generally imagining a cure that would remove all virus from the body – an eradication cure.

Doctors are now looking for a different kind of cure – A functional cure that would not necessary involve eradicating all virus from the body but would get rid of most virus from the blood and remove any negative effects. In other words, people who had been functionally cured would never develop AIDS or other signs of HIV disease, such as premature aging.

It is now confirmed, for the first time, that the research group in Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Limited (APCO) has accomplished a functional cure with immunotherapy by utilizing extracts from edible plants

Four years ago, an HIV infected man decided not to use antiviral drugs which usually have side-effects and used APCOcap* instead. After one year, his HIV load decreased to the undetectable level and CD4 count increased to the normal level. His conditions have remained stable and he has continued living in good health up to now. He has achieved the functional cure!

Accomplishing the functional cure has been the new target of the pharmaceutical industries, but only some success was reached in animal testing.

APCO has surveyed the consumers who have used only APCOcap* and found that all these consumers have continuously improved their health, while the CD4 counts keep increasing and the viral load decreasing. Some have already reached the functional cure!

APCO, the company which owns the APCOcap* innovation, has now set a new objective to prove whether all HIV can be completely eliminated to the point of eradication cure. A CSR program “APCO Life Fitness Challenge” has been set up to recruit volunteers who are newly infected with HIV. The volunteers will take APCOcap*, free of charge, and take regular exercises until they reach the functional cure then continue on to the possibility of the eradication cure. Those who are interested can contact Hotline : 1154 or 02-646-4849. The result of the program will be regularly posted in

APCOcap* is not a brand name or trademark but is used by the researchers to refer to the capsule developed from research. It contains ingredients from refined extracts of mangosteen, sesame, soy, guava and Centella. It was proven by the Bio-medical Technology Research Centre of Chiang Mai University to stimulate the white blood cells Th1 and Th17 which, in turn, enhances the activity of the Killer T Cell in killing the virus in infected CD 4 cells. The formulation was endorsed by the National Innovation Agency to be the Thailand’s Innovative Product for taking care of HIV/AIDS patients on 4 September 2015.